Work Award

After a strict examination, 9 artists of the exhibition “FINE ART UNIVERSIADE U-35” won the awards.
We are happy to inform their name and the titles of works as follows.


≪Excellent Work Award≫


Takarada Shogo “from the beginning”
Yamamoto Yukyo “A man of 582 yen”
Nomura Masahiro “Fur of ours (frankenstein)”


Sato Maiko “Tourou no su – nest of towers -”
Ichikawa Ayana “Face Cover”


Shitara Haruka “wood skin”


Hiroki Chika “A poem by Su Shi”


≪International Award≫

Olivia Pettersson Fleur “Checked-in luggage sized painting in four parts mounted on towel hanger”


≪Audience Award≫

Aleksey Perepelkin “Virineya’s portrait”