Exhibition Outline

“FINE ART UNIVERSIADE U-35” is the exhibition collecting works of 117 young artists active in categories in painting, print art, sculpture, and calligraphy.

Started in 2013, Faculty of Art and Design, the University of Tsukuba, has been working on the “Young Artist Development Project for Creation of Next-Generation Culture” with the sponsorship of the Agency of Cultural Affairs. Under the initiative of “Creation of new fields of performance for young fine artists: Building ‘Fine Art Universiade’ infrastructure,” we have held four exhibitions called “FINE ART/ UNIVERSITY SELECTION” with participation of the increasing number of universities and artists from many other areas. With the domestic art university network made, this year marks the fifth in series and the first exhibition after renewal under the name of “FINE ART UNIVERSIADE U-35.”

Through the network newly formed on the base of the inter-university exchanges, we continue to fairly evaluate young artists and their excellent works to introduce them to a wider audience. We will further drive forward this initiative to encourage interactions among artists and activities on the foundation of global and borderless environment beyond established frameworks such as nations and universities. In addition we commit to develop artists leading the culture of next generation. To encourage artists for continuing efforts, the award will be given to the most excellent works. The award-winners will take the opportunity to exhibit their works in “Upcoming Artist Selection FAUSS” exhibition.


Kitazawa Noriaki / Art Critic, Art Historian
Tamagawa Shin-ichi / Painter, Vice-President, Professor of Faculty of Art and Design, University of Tsukuba
Tomita Jun / Director of Curatorial Planning Division, Tokyo National Museum
Noguchi Reiichi / Art Critic
Dariusz Vasina / Illustrator, Painter, Graphic Artist, Associate Professor of Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow